Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend Goal Update

Well this weekend proved to be tough just like I thought it would be.  The whole weekend wasn't difficult, but parts of it really proved to be.  

It really helped to have a few goals in place but I know I can do even better, and really want to focus on that.  I typically struggle with car trips, there is something about getting in the car that makes me automatically hungry or in the mood to munch.  

  1. Pack car snacks: In order to avoid unhealthy gas station snacks, I packed up my dinner along with a few car snacks to keep me satisfied.  This was extremely helpful and I was completely satisfied with my dinner and snacks.  I had cucumber slices, grapes, a turkey & cheese sandwich, string cheese and some Boom Chicka Pop.  Side Note: If you haven't had Boom Chicka Pop before, I would highly recommend it.  This stuff is delicious!  It's a Sea Salt Popcorn and you get 3 1/3 Cups for 4 points.  It is great when you are in the mood for a salty snack!  
  2. Breakfast: I did great with this on Saturday a.m. I packed a Greek Yogurt, Hard Boiled Egg Whites and a Banana.  I ate this before we went wedding dress shopping.
  3. Eating Out: Saturday's lunch was not too bad at all.  I piled my plate high with greens, 0 pts. veggies, a few bacon bits, some sunflower seeds and topped it with a little olive oil and vinegar.    I estimated 4 points for this salad because I went very light on the toppings.  I also took a small amount of the broccoli salad.  You know the one with cheese and a mayo and bacon bits.  I topped off my lunch with a very small cheese biscuit.  My total lunch was 12 points and I was completely satisfied.
  4. Eating Out:  The 2nd part of my eating out was definitely my biggest failure.  We actually got done shopping early so we headed out for a celebratory drink.  I had a bloody mary and few beers as well as a few bites of a sun dried tomato dip with pita chips.  After that it was back to Amanda's house for grilling.  I started off the night drinking a big glass of water and filling it up several times as I continued to have beers.  But I didn't track anything as I went.  I tried my best to recall everything I ate the next morning.  But I am sure I forgot a few things.
  5. Tracking:  I could have been more successful with my tracking, but I also wasn't horrible.  I am still working on this and hope that this week is better.
That being said, I was really nervous for my weigh in last night.  I knew I wasn't perfect and I knew I had been a little reckless with my points.  When I got to my meeting I stepped on the scale and I was at the exact same weight I was last week.  Honestly, I was thrilled with this result,  I knew I could have easily gained weight and probably should have.  This week, I am really going to focus on tracking and try to make that my number one priority. 

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  1. that's my goal this week, too! so far so good. I'll check in with you to see how you're doing. :)